What is VLAN And Why it is used | VLAN full form

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What is VLAN?

A VLAN is a grouping of network nodes such as computers, network devices and servers that are connected in a logical manner. VLAN allows computers and users to communicate in a simulated (virtual) environment as though they exist in the same physical LAN segment and share a single broadcast domain.
The goal of VLANs is a group users into separate VLANs so that their traffic stays inside the VLAN.

VLAN Full Form

VLAN- Virtual Local Area Network

Benefits of VLAN

1. Broadcast control :- using vlan leads to efective network mangement and reduce broadcast traffic.
2. Security :- This provides security over a flat network.
3. Performance :-There is no reduction of performances by VLANs themselves however, when large volume of broadcast is involved, the performance can be optimized by planning broadcast traffic to users within a working group performing similar functions.
4. Network Management:-Guest user traffic can be separated from the company’s netwrok assess in smaller companies using vlans. Hence creating safe guest network.

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