Windows 11 “Moment 1”, “Moment 2” are the next major updates

Microsoft hasn't officially confirmed the release date of Windows 11 22h2 yet, but we've heard that the rollout is likely to begin in a few weeks, possibly on or around September 20th. RTM build is build 22621 and will ship with features like drag and drop of the taskbar, better Start menu customization options, a new Task Manager, and more.

Microsoft has been working on Windows 11 22H2 for the past several months and users in the Beta and Dev Channel can already test the update. While Windows 11 22H2 is 'feature locked', which means it will ship to consumers "as it is" on September 20, Microsoft is working on a set of new features called "Moments" which will be released in October.

It won't include features like tabs in File Explorer or a new sidebar experience in File Explorer. Features like suggested actions will also not be visible on the first day of Windows 11 22H2 rollout. This is because these features were added to the OS much later and were not finalized in time for the first major update earlier this year.

Microsoft apparently plans to release the new features as part of a small Windows update called "Moment." Soon after the Windows 11 22H2 release in September, Microsoft is preparing to release its first 'Moment' update, possibly in the first week of October 2022.

The first Windows 11 'Moment' update will add tabs and a new sidebar to File Explorer, and it will also enable a feature called 'Suggested Actions' that prompts users to take next steps based on selected text in apps like Microsoft gives. Team. For example, if you copy a date across teams, suggested actions will trigger a prompt suggesting the user to add the date to the calendar.