Microsoft is again trying to modernize the taskbar tray area of Windows 11

Windows 11 was released with a lot of changes in the taskbar functionality which has not been popular among the users. This includes the removal of drag and drop functionality, complete right-click disappearance, inability to ungroup app icons, and stripping past the calendar flyout.

While the taskbar has already been redesigned, the system tray (right corner) is still built using legacy components. Microsoft has been trying to modernize the taskbar's tray area for some time now and has made some changes to the original build of 22H2, but the tech giant decided not to go ahead with it as it may have sacrificed some features.

The early builds of Windows 11 22H2 apparently modernized the look of the system tray and added the option to disable the 'hidden icon menu' (to keep the taskbar clean). At the same time, this change disabled the 'drag and drop' feature to change the order of system tray icons.

For example, users cannot change the position of Epic Games, Steam, or other icons sitting on the taskbar's system tray. “As a result of feedback from Windows Insiders, we have made the decision to disable the changes to the system tray introduced in Build 22581 for now. A Microsoft official said earlier this year that the system tray and specifically “Hidden Show icons" The flyout will now work the same way it did with the original release of Windows 11, including the ability to rearrange icons in the flyout.