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Hello friends: If you live in a village and want to start your own business or business, in today’s time everyone wants to do business and should also do it, so today we have brought (Top 10 Village Business Ideas In Hindi) 10 business ideas that can be done very easily by living in the village

Top 5 Village Business Ideas In 2022

Friends, today there are many people in the village who do not want to leave their village and want to help their people by staying in their village and also want to earn money, so today we have brought it for you (Top 5 Village Business Ideas In 2022) 10 unique business ideas running in the village, which will help the people of their village as well as earn good money.

Friends, the business ideas that we are going to tell, the demand for these businesses is very high even today, if you become an expert in any one of these businesses, then you can easily earn lakhs of rupees in a month from these businesses. So if you want to do any business with full dedication and hard work, then surely you will be successful one day

Top 5 Village Business Ideas In 2022
Top 5 Village Business Ideas In 2022

1. Mobile Repair , Recharge & Accessories Shop Business Ideas

Today, mobile is used in every house of the country, whether it is a village or a city, mobile has become an important part of our life today, as soon as people wake up in the morning, they hold the mobile in their hands even before the toothbrush, friends, you will be surprised to know that There were more than 62 crore 60 lakh mobile users in our country only in 2019, out of which 30 crore users were from villages and this figure is increasing every day and it is said that by the year 2030, the number of mobile users will be complete. Will become 100% mobile user, everyone will have mobile available.

But at present, when the mobile gets damaged, you have to go from village to city, but if you open a mobile repair shop in your village itself, then the villagers can avoid going to the city and you can also earn money.

Along with mobile repair, you can also keep recharge and mobile accessories because many times people also need things like mobile charger, temper glass or mobile cover.

2. Business of Flour Mill:

Whether it is a village or a city, there is a demand for this business, but if you live in a village, then you should start the business of flour mill. In today’s time, there are many villages where there is no flour mill in that village. The people of the country have to go to other villages to get wheat or any other grain milled and that increases the cost of their travel.

But if you start a flour mill business in your own village, then you will be able to earn good profits in this business by removing the problem of people coming and going.

Suppose if you grind 500 kg of flour a day and take 3 rupees per kg, then you can easily earn 1500 rupees a day, meaning you can easily print 45 thousand rupees a month, in this the cost of electricity and machine maintenance is 5000 rupees. Earning 40 thousand rupees a month.

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3. CSC Center Business Ideas

Friends, there are many people in our village who have to go from village to city to fill government documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, voter card, ration card, ayushman card and many other government online forms. And even after that, they cannot get their documents removed, there is another reason because they do not know about this subject, so if you open a CSC center in your village, then you can also make good money with the help of people.

CSC center is a government portal, in which many services related to government come, such as PAN card, Aadhar card, voter card, ration card, Ayushman card and many other services are included. The biggest advantage of CSC center is that you can create your own CSC. ID can open a mini branch in the village, which you can get the bank account of the people of the village sitting at home, apart from this you can also withdraw money and give them to them, in return for which the bank also gives you a lot of commission.

Investment: First you will need 1500 rupees for CSC exam, later you will need a computer, a printer and a finger printer, you can do this work from your home or even by taking a shop in the village, its more For information, you can get it by visiting the official website of CSC Center.

4. Business of Building Materials and Hardware:

Friends, ever since the PM Awas Yojana has come, the demand for this business has increased even more and even today the demand for this business is very high and this is also the right time because even in the village the old earthen houses are now slowly becoming extinct. are going and slap houses are being built in their place, every building owner needs raw material, so this business is also a very profitable business, there are many examples who have become millionaires by doing this business.

5. Stationary and Cyber ​​Cafe Business Ideas

Today in India there is a school in the village but when it comes to taking the stationary of the child to the school, then the parent of that child has to leave the village and go to the city, so if you open the stationery near the school then you can also help the people. And you can earn money, friends, for extra earning, you can also do cyber cafe work with stationary because now our country is moving towards digital, so that children’s admission and scholarship forms are filled online.

Apart from this, photocopy, can also do the work of lamination, today many new government recruitment online is open and closed, but due to the people of the village not knowing, they cannot apply online, so you can do your job with their help. can generate income

Investment: In investment, you will need Stationary, Computer, Printer, Lamination Machine, in which you will have to invest 30 thousand to 50 thousand.

Last word Business Ideas :-

Friends, what did you learn today, today you learned about 5 unique business ideas running in the village, which you can start from your home and earn good profits, although the business ideas are old but the demand is still not reduced, the business whose demand is the most. If you agree with this, then start your favorite business as soon as possible. Friends, how do you like the business ideas given by us, you can tell your opinion in the comment box.


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