How To Remove Modern Shortcut Virus in 30 Seconds or Less

How To Remove Modern Shortcut Virus

Remove Modern Shortcut Virus – software is used to extract and prevent the virus of the computer. In present days, a new shortcut virus was invisible through several Antivirus programs. This virus changes all documents to the shortcut link, whenever it arrives at the user’s storage device such as Computer Hard drive, USB Drive, SD Card. Thus, on the user’s device, whenever a harmful program will implement, the user’s file may not open. For seeing the data, which is stored on the user’s USB storage, users can utilize the beneath command cause process. It is also used whether the computer drive is not visible.

This shortcut virus is a very big problem as it is not be removed by antivirus programs. Infected storage shows ‘No Threat Detected’, whenever anyone scans the infected storage with the help of an Antivirus. Users can associate USB flash drive or SD Card to an unlike device or format (for removing the virus), whether it does not consist of any essential data. So users should follow the beneath process.

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What is the source of the shortcut virus?

On the computer, whether there is a free antivirus program, then software applications should not be installed. Users should use a paid antivirus software as free antivirus cannot maintain their computer safe additionally latest threats.

Whenever you connect to that device which includes a shortcut virus, then all USB storage will be infected.

Remove shortcut virus from a USB flash drive, SD card etc

In the command prompt method, firstly, users should scan the infected storage device with the help of antivirus program which is installed on their computer.

By using the Windows Command Prompt (CMD) method, you can remove the shortcut virus. Just follow these steps which are given below.

  1. At first, Command Prompt app introduce as an administrator which means click the window key, then type ‘cmd’ in the search section, right-click at the Command Prompt and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
  2. Now, users should connect their secondary storage device with a computer. It is infected with shortcut virus such as USB flash drive, SD card, etc.
  3. Then, scan storage with an antivirus program and remove any threat detected.
  4. At this process, users should type the following command, then click Enter button.
  5. Now, usually, user’s documents will show.
  6. While this method, some unknown documents may arrive, so users have to copy their files out of secondary storage. Then, a format of the USB drive and copied documents, are back into storage.

Now, you are done. Your issues are resolved regarding the shortcut virus and then all the documents will show normally. The secondary storage will be re-infected,

you have to again reconnect it to that computer. It is possible, whether the shortcut virus is available on your computer.

Permanently remove shortcut virus from your Windows computer

Bt the help of antivirus program, removing the shortcut virus is undetectable, as it is a little bit tricky. Either the boot time scan is not able to remove the shortcut virus, then you should utilize a malware removal tool or the system run, whether your antivirus program supports the system and boot time scan feature.

Prevent your computer from creating shortcuts on USB flash drives, SD cards etc

Running wscript.vbs which is known as VBScript is present in the section of Windows Task Manager. This running script.vbs assists the users to spread the shortcut virus on external USB drives.

Users should launch the task manager for ending this script. Then go to the Process tab and choose more information. Now users need to just scroll down and search for ‘wscript.vbs’ then Right-click on it. Till, the computer restarts, this is not the permanent fix.

Fix shortcuts that are already created in your Windows hard drive partition

On the hard drive of the device, the shortcut virus can spread. The command prompt process assists users for fixing those files which saved in the partition drive, whether they have a shortcut virus.

Kindly, for Windows Drive, you can’t utilize this command. On the computer, users should install a clean installation of Windows, whether Windows Drive is infected.

Remove shortcut virus permanently using USB fix (software application)

USB Fix is introduced by SOSVirus. It is applicable for Windows, which is a freeware malware removal tool. That means it helps to remove malware which includes virus-like shortcut virus, from USB storage and the computer as well. But, kindly copy your essential information to either an external hard drive or to a different computer from your computer.

Follow the beneath steps to utilize USB Fix on your Windows computer.

  1. Firstly, in the taskbar, users should close all running programs as software can kill all running programs.
  2. Secondly, you need to install and launch USB Fix on your device.
  3. Now, you require to click the ‘Clean’ button and then confirm the action.
  4. At the last, the tool which named as Malware removal, will peruse the device and solve the shortcut virus issue

After the clean method, the app can make adjustments to the Windows. Now, restart the computer.

Tips to prevent shortcut virus or other malware

  1. On the related USB storage, users do not explore files prior to scanning with the antivirus program.
  2. Users should install paid antivirus software on their device and be updated with the help of the internet.
  3. Users should not change files with computers which don’t include antivirus programs.
  4. Monthly, in user’s antivirus, they should use the Boot Time Scan feature.
  5. From these software download sites, users should always download the software application.

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