Easy Steps to Make Create Bootable USB Pendrive [Windows 10/8/7/XP]

Make Create Bootable USB Pendrive

Make Create Bootable USB Pendrive –  present days, CD or DVD has become the trend. With the help of pen drive, users try to install windows. And for this, with the help of USB, there is a very simple method of installing windows on the device. And all of them, we are sharing two simple processes to create bootable pen drive. 

  • Create Bootable pendrive with Rufus.
  • Create bootable USB from iso with run command.

For generating bootable USB pendrive, users require iso file of windows as per your wish. This method is a very simple process to create a bootable pen drive. And for this, users don’t need technical knowledge. In a comparison of both methods, the first one is much easier than the another. Below are the steps of method 1, however this is possible if you have an iso file of windows.

Method 1: Create Bootable Pendrive with Rufus.

  1. At first, users need to download the Rufus.exe file from Download Rufus link.
  2. Then, they have insert pen drive and open up the downloaded file.
  3. Now, users need to press on the DVD icon and choose the Windows.iso file.
  4. At last, users have to press on Start until the method is done.

After some time, it’ll copy all the iso file in pen drive. Pendrive is ready to install windows, after the completion of this method. Users can share their question & query in the comment section.

Method 2: Create Bootable Pendrive with Run Command

As we before mentioned, this method is little bit complexed. However, we are sharing all the methods regarding this topic. Here we are giving the steps of method 2.

  1. Firstly, users require to take away all the iso file in a folder with the Winrar software such as demo image.
  2. Then, in the command window, they have to type diskpart and click Enter. Now, users need to again type “list disk” in the command window and then click Enter.
  3. Users require to choose the disk part “select disk 1” and type clean. Then, type “create partition primary” and click on “Enter” button.
  4. Then users have to type “active” and click “Enter” button. Then type again and press the “Enter” button.
  5. Now, users need to type a button known as “assign” and click “Enter” button, then type “exit” and click on “Enter” button.
  6. Here, users have to choose the drive name where you reserved all the windows file.
  7. In command, you have to type a drive name and put column at the end of drive name “D:” and click on “Enter” button. D: refers to the selection of the location of the folder, where you secured the windows files.
  8. In this step, users need to type cd and name of the folder, where their windows files are secured “cd Windows 10” and click on “Enter” button.
  9. Here, you have to type “cd boot” and click on the “Enter” button.
  10. Then, users require to choose the “bootsect” executable file which contains the boot folder of windows files. It is possible whether a bootsect file is available in the boot folder of windows files.
  11. After that, you need to type “bootsec.exe/nt60 F:” and then click “Enter” button. Then users need to “exit” and click on the “Enter” button. Here you are done.
  12. Then, users have to copy all the windows files and paste into Pendrive.

With bootable USB pen drive, users can easily install windows. Now, just adjust boot priority from BIOS setting. Then, choose primary boot device USB pen drive or flash drive. Still, if you have any query, you can ask them in a comment section.

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