What is ECR and Non-ECR Category in an Indian Passport?

ECR alludes to Emigration Check Required which is intended to ensure unskilled specialists immigrating to specific nations to shield them from corrupt workers. On the off chance that you are in the ECR class at that point, ECR status will be imprinted on your visa. In the event that you are liable to ECR, at that point you require a displacement leeway from Protector of Emigrants (POE) to enter any of the accompanying nations for business: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Brunei, Kuwait and so on.

Documents Required for an ECR Passport Holder While Travelling

1) Emigration Clearance Certificate approved by the POE office and Ministry of Overseas Indian Affair

2) Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana Document

The Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana is an obligatory protection for every one of the specialists who is voyaging abroad with the ECR identifications that imply it is principally for the abroad laborer (barring the nations where the migration testament isn’t required) for business reason.

ECR Application

As per the Emigration Actin 1983, the ECR classifications of Indian international ID holders are required to get “Emigration Clearance “from the workplace of the Protector of the Emigrants (POE). The thought behind the ECR is to give security to the Indian residents because of the legitimate states of different nations and depends on the different circumstances and conditions.

1) Specialists traveling to another country for work need to get an Emigration Stamp before leaving India.

2) An uncommonly printed glue stamp will be stuck on the identification of laborers going out for work. Passages essential for the allow of a migration leeway will be made in these cement stamps.

3) These stamps are marked by the Protector of Emigrants.

4) Resettlement freedom to the people might be allowed around the same time on which the application is made.

5) This freedom is impermanent and is substantial justification for one trip.

ECNR (Non-ECR) Passport

ECNR (Non-ECR) class remains for ‘Emigration Check not required’. Any individual who has graduated through their tenth grade of school won’t be required to experience an Immigration Office to have their leave enrolled and checked. Once a national passes tenth grade they acquire the ECNR identification on their visa. The ECNR fills in as the leeway for leaving the nation and they don’t have to beware of with movement office. Be that as it may, don’t mix up an ECNR for a VISA. Nations that require a VISA will keep on requiring so.

Non-Emigration Check Required

A candidate will be qualified if the candidate fulfills falling in any of the accompanying classes and gives the narrative evidence.

  • All holders of Diplomatic/Official Passports
  • All Gazetted Government workers, their mate, and kids
  • The individual having an instructive capability above registration
  • Individual more established than 50 years old
  • Pay citizens in their individual classification, their life partner, and youngsters.

Where to Find the Stamp

The ECR stamp is normally found inside an unfilled page in the travel permit for individuals who haven’t passed their tenth grade.


ECR and ECNR aren’t exceptionally perplexing, yet since it’s another thing each Indian subject should know the noteworthiness of ECR and ECNR.

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